§37. What is the relation between name and thing named?—Well, what is it? Look at language-game (2) or at another one: there you can see the sort of thing this relation consists in. This relation may also consist, among many other things, in the fact that hearing the name calls before our mind the picture of what is named; and it also consists, among other things, in the name's being written on the thing named or being pronounced when that thing is pointed at.


  1. What we call, in OL, a 'name', is a word (sound; collection of shapes) which does various jobs for us; he has listed a selection of them. There is no mysterious, occult, abstract, relationship between the name and thing - no queer association in some Third World - somehow in addition to these various jobs. That, he tells us, is all there is to say about it. Problem solved! Or rather, dissolved; seen to be a pseudo-problem; insubstantial.