Links checked in June 2016

A YouTube simulation of capacitor charging, well explained.

This shows the capacitor very nicely, and the electric field - but most of the simulation is not relevant to the present A-level syllabus. This shows graphs of the voltage across the capacitor, and the current flowing onto it, as time passes.

Magnetic field of a bar magnet, nicely shown.

The Motor Effect is a very basic one.  Look at a setting to the class, and decide which way the wire will move - and then click ' ON' to check.

How about this DC motor?  Very nice work, Mr.Fendt! And how about this Generator with the graph of voltage out, ability to pause, and change frequency of rotation. You can remove the field, current, and force, directions to start with.

This shows magnetic deflection of + and - charges in B (very basic).  This is a document on magnetic deflection of charged particles, with pictures of the Aurora, equations, and the Hall effect.

Image of cyclotron (in Paris museum)