Links  checked June 2016

An excellent Skate Park (skate-boarding for many aspects of motion).

This applet shows an image of a sky diver, who then opens a parachute. It simultaneously displays the two forces on her, one constant, one changing, and the effect on the a = F/m calculation.  {To freeze it, try clicking and holding somewhere in the images}

This is another good terminal velocity applet, which works in separate pages to show the forces. Nicely done.

The Moving Man, with displacement, velocity, and acceleration, graphs.

Parallelogram of forces with pulleys you can pull to the sides. You could use this as a model to compare with real results, since it gives the sizes and the angles.

 This  combines up to 5 vectors, and moves them around nicely to show how you get the resultant.

This is Mr. Fendt's beautiful projectile simulation. Essential viewing.

This is a projectile simulation with a useful dotted path.

Galileo's writing, where he first explains horizontal projectile motion.


Skate Park doesn't show the forces, but you can make the skate-boarder loop the loop.


SHM with all the graphs for a pendulum, and for a mass on a spring.

Forced Oscillations (Resonance) is very good; you can change the forcing frequency at the top of a spring, and see the effect while the position of the forcing frequency on the resonance curve is indicated.

Applied Physics Optional Topic: A serious applet about torque, Moment of Inertia, and so on...