Links checked June 2016



This is a nice applet to show the propagation of an electromagnetic wave. And this one shows the emission, transmission, and detection, of the waves very nicely.

This is a brilliant simulation of reflection and refraction of rays and waves from Mr. Fendt. It uses Huygens' construction to show the formation of the wavefronts, in the most simple and elegant way. Fendt for the Nobel prize!

Refraction of light is a nice simple one, with ability to drag the incident ray to a new angle, and to read off the refracted angle for a decent variety of media.


The structure of the Earth


Simple animations of types of Fault, and of types of wave produced

S P waves on surface and in Earth, a good one!

An excellent sequence using S and P wave data from seismographs to find the epicentre of an earthquake (and its magnitude)

Images of the structure of the Earth, and good information on each layer

Lots of relevant animations

Some history, e.g. of Wegener



 Wave on a string, with an oscillator, beautifully done - as usual - by PhET.

Ruben's demonstration (like Kundt's tube): (also here) a tube with holes, filled with inflammable gas, a loudspeaker at one end, and the escaping gas lit; stunning!


This shows how the standing wave is produced by a progressive wave and its reflection.


Use the PhET one! It's great.


Young's slits nicely shown.  This is excellent for diffraction and interference, from PhET; sound, light, dripping tap, one slit, two slits, ... it is brilliant!

A simple Diffraction Grating display of the effect of changing the colour.


This is a good geometrical optics simulation.


Simple Doppler effect simulation with the waves spreading out from an ambulance passing a man, who flashes as each wavefront hits him...    This has a very basic image of a red-shifted star, but it has a link to the sound of a siren passing.